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Who am I?

Jonas Libbrecht

I like to describe myself in 6 words: open-minded, critical-thinker, ambitious, linux-geek, punctual & knowledgeable. I provide consultancy for companies who are in need for:

- Standardized automation
- Software programming
- Linux
- OpenStack
- Web development
- Rack / server hardware design
- ...

Offered services for who are in need for


From the network layer to configuration, OS, security, KVM tuning.

Agile software programming

Python, C++, Java, MVC, API's, SCRUM, SQL, noSQL, JSON, ...


Industry standard automation via Ansible, Python, JSON, YAML, ...

OpenStack & virtual networking

Management & setup via standardised automation & their API's

Cloud & on-premise management

Design, management, setup & migration from on-premise to cloud or vise versa

Rack & server design

Optimising your rack & server design/setup for your needs & performance

Hosting, migration & upgrade

Wide variety of webhosting, maintenance, migration and/or upgrade for industry standard systems, in the cloud or on-premise

Full stack web design

PHP, Python, (REST) API's, HTML, jQuery, CSS, Ajax, MVC, MySQL, MariaDB, ...

My current & previous projects

Get in Touch

I am here to provide you with more information, answer any questions you may have and create an effective solution for your needs. Please do not hesitate to contact me.

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